Sample Coolers

Sample coolers for liquid & gas sampling

Mechatest delivers sample coolers that fits your needs for liquid and gas sampling applications. Water coolers with tubing or pipe spiral wounded coils, tube or flange connections, closed or open vessels, tube-in-tube, forced airflow coolers etc. 


Liquid and gas analysers need a sample in a specific temperature range, when this temperature is different from your process temperature, a sample cooler can be required. We are manufacturer of a width range of Stainless Steel and Alloy sample coolers, we are also Herpi coolers stock distributor and have partnership with Sentry. We deliver water coolers, closed water cooler or open water coolers,forced airflow coolers and electrical compressor coolers for gas and CEMS applications.

  • Solutions for cooling down your fluid temperature
  • Suitable for liquid and gas sample analysis and sample collection
  • Safe (sampling), use sample coolers if process temperature is above 60°C (140°F)
  • Available in 316SS, Monel, Inconel, Incoloy, Hastelloy, Duplex (other on request)
  • Process control ensured by design that isolates the process fluid from the cooling water
  • Ease of maintenance provided by ability to quickly and easily disassemble and clean the unit without damaging the coils

With sample coolers you can bring down the fluid sample temperature in a sampling system for optimal conditions to the analyser accordingly to ASME PTC 19.11.  Applications in hot water sampling, Steam cycle for Makeup, Condensate, Deaerator, Boiler feedwater, Saturated steam, Main steam, Reheat steam, Superheated steam and Hydrocarbon fluids. Innovative sample cooling systems combined with expert sampling knowledge and fast distribution by Mechatest, an excellent combination. This helical coil (tube) sample coolers require a continuously cooling water flow, if you not have cooling water at your plant side ask for our solution with a "passive sample cooler".

  • Closed Loop and Emission Free Sampling
  • Safer for the operator and environment, prevent pollution
  • Safer for the sample and safe sample
  • Easy in operation and Low maintenance

Cooling systems for liquid, gas or liquefied gas. Applications will found in the Petrochemical, Chemical, Power, Waste water industry, products to be sampled are;

  • Oil and gas UPSTREAM, MIDSTREAM, DOWNSTREAM sampling
  • Hydrocarbon (petroleum products) sampling
  • Steam sampling
  • Chemicals sampling
  • Process water sampling
  • ASTM D 4057
  • ASTM D1265-05
  • NACE MR0175 or MR0103
Check our list of all specific "sampling" codes & standards. goto codes & standards

Mechatest sample coolers - Herpi steam cooler - helical coil coolers, Sentry coolers, shell vase cooler closed

Tube Coil Water Coolers for Liquid & Gas Applications

The helical coil cooler (heat exchangers), typical spiral tube and closed shell heat exchanger accordingly to ASME PTC 19.11. The sample to be cooled flows through the tube side of the cooler, and the cooling fluid flows through the shell side. Mechatest, Herpi and Sentry coolers. Available with coils in Inconel, Monel or other Alloys for high Chloride content cooling water or high chemical samples. 

Tube-in-tube sample coolers SS316

Tube-in-Tube Water Coolers for Liquid & Gas Applications

Tube-in-tube cooler (heat exchangers) are spirally wound, full counter flow heat exchangers well suited for a variety of applications where low flow rates of high temperature and/or high pressure fluids need cooling or heating. Also known as DTC (dual tube coil). We offer Mechatest and Sentry tube-in-tube coolers.

Shell sample cooler S38.013, pipe coil, open flanged cooler

Pipe Coil Flanged and Open Shell / Vessel Water Coolers

The "open" shell type cooler (heat exchangers) is designed for process pipe and flange connection. Typical custom design with bigger diameter (spiral wounded) tube or pipe and open shell heat exchanger. The sample to be cooled high flows through the tube side of the cooler, and the cooling fluid flows through the shell side. We offer Mechatest open type helical tube coolers.

Shell approved type S38.013

Forced airflow fluid sample coolers - airfin cooler air fin

Forced Airflow Coolers for Liquid & Gas Applications

The Airfin cooler is available in natural convection and forced air fin designs with electric motor or air motor driving blower. Lower operating costs ensured by air-cooling technology that eliminates water treatment and disposal.

Cooling water-free design, which prevents shutoff and winter freeze-up. Minimal installation and maintenance costs with unit design that requires less piping and is less susceptible to fouling.

Mechatest sample coolers - helical coil open water coolers

Water - Open Shell Coolers Pipe Flanged Custom Made

The helical coil water cooler (heat exchangers) cools a sample from a process stream. Typical custom design with spiral big diameter tube or pipe coil and open shell heat exchanger.

Cost-effective application flexibility with multiple corrosion-resistant material options for the coil and shell construction.

Sample coolers for cooling water, fresh or brackish.
Connection with flanges or threaded ends.

Sample Gas Coolers / Conditioning Systems

Compressor Gas Coolers          for Gas & CEMS Applications

Gas sample coolers based on

electrical compressor cooling system, typical refrigerated and thermoelectric coolers for highest demands of sample gas quality control. For dry gas analyser applications with dewpoint to 5 °C. This is the best choice for permanent separation of the condensate from the gas phase, as well shorter contact time of the gas in the system, play important roles to measure extreme low concentrations of gas elements.

Gas Sample Water Coolers / CEMS gas cooler

Vortex or Water Coolers for Gas Sample Applications

Gas sample coolers based on Vortex (air cooling) or water cooling for demands of sample gas quality control. For dry gas analyser applications with dewpoint up to the Vortex air temperature below 8°C or the  cooling water temperature. Vortex air or liquid cooled gas cooler is an alternative choice if electrical cooling cannot fit into your system, benefits; cheaper and easy installation in Explosion hazardous area.

Mechatest jacketed sample cooler with fixed volume cylinder

Jacket Sample Cooler with a Fixed Volume Cylinder

The jacket sample cooler is a fixed volume sample cylinder in a sample cooler. This type of jacket cooler with high pressure fixed volume sample cylinders inside are a perfect solution for high pressure sampling applications.
The sample flows through a fixed volume high pressure cylinder which is built inside the sample cooler shell, the cooling water flows through the cooling shell and the heat energy is transferred to the water.