Hydrogen Sampler

Gas sample panel for Hydrogen sampling

The sample system collects Hydrogen samples from pipelines in Electrolyser or industrial installations for laboratory analysis and quality control. Only representative Hydrogen samples will help to reduce costs by process optimization and preventing production loss. Hydrogen samples can be of grey, blue, or so-called green Hydrogen.


Green hydrogen, also known as 'renewable Hydrogen', is Hydrogen that is produced with sustainable energy. The best-known method is electrolysis, in which water (H2O) is split into Hydrogen (H2) and Oxygen (O2) via green electricity. The output of the electrolyser is Hydrogen and Oxygen as a gas composition and might be saturated with water vapor. To take in a wet gas a representative Hydrogen sample can be complex, because laboratory analysis and most analysers are not suitable for wet gasses.

Mechatest is an independent organization that focuses on hydrogen applications/installations, sampling and analyzing solutions that can improve the safety and efficiency. 

We like to help to accelerate the development of hydrogen as an important fuel as part of a climate-neutral energy economy.

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Hydrogen (H2) Gas Sample Panel

Hydrogen Sampler Standards

  • ISO 19880 Hydrogen Sampling
  • ISO 14687:2019 Analysis of Impurities in Hydrogen

Representative Sampling with Hydrogen Sampler

The big advantage of the Hydrogen sampling systems is the possibility to take an every moment a spot grab sample from your Hydrogen process line. With the Hydrogen grab sampling system you get an time stamp sample in the sample receiver for quality control, commercial and fiscal transactions. We have improved our Hydrogen sampler systems by:

  • Creating closed loop systems emission free which provide a safe, controlled environment
  • Suitable for high pressure process application
  • In-the-line or fast-loop samplers
  • Fixed or variable volume receivers
  • Simplifying designs, making the sampling of liquid and gas more efficient
  • Proper discharge of excess liquid or gas prevents unwanted pressure build-up in the system

These modern solutions simply regard the Hydrogen sampling systems themselves. Our worldwide reputation rests on the combination of excellent systems, and professional services by our team of specialists.


Enjoy the full benefits of an experienced team of passionate professionals

Mechatest employees possess decades of experience and knowledge. All of which is at your disposal when your sampling system needs adaptations, maintenance or repairs. Our staff has high-tech equipment at their disposal, thus increasing their efficiency even more. We are even capable of designing and manufacturing in accordance with foreign codes and standards.


Start improving by sampling process today

Why wait any longer? Improvement starts today if you pick up the phone and call us at +31 (0)15 – 310 51 83. Our staff provides you with all the information you need to make an informed decision and choose the best sampling systems for liquid or liquefied gas.


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