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The sampling systems manufacturer

Mechatest, is a leading ISO9001:2015 certified manufacturer and worldwide supplier of liquid and gas sampling systems specific for the petrochemical, chemical, oil & gas, pharmaceuticals and power industry. 


We design and fabricate open and closed loop sample solutions for petroleum products, chemicals, solvents, steam and water samples.

Mechatest’s primary purpose is to create solutions for collecting samples of liquid, liquefied gas or gas safely, accurately and emission free.     

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Mechatest has all the extended sampling knowledge, we are a lot more than just hands who place Swagelok parts together!


Whether sampling direct from a pipeline, tank, stack, steam/water source or any other application with the intent of transporting the sample to a laboratory for analysis, Mechatest will find your solution. Co-operation with major suppliers and international well-known fabricates of components, the experience and know-how acquired in designing and manufacturing make Mechatest capable of providing its clients with the "best" solution, both in technical and economical terms.

Our designs are made to work in applications requiring techniques and materials capable of withstanding extreme operating conditions. Working closely with our clients and major suppliers we have the latest information regarding problems, techniques and specifications. We are familiar and able to work with all major manufacturer's equipment and are free to choose the best possible for your specific needs.


This way we are able to provide our clients with optimised solutions for all demanding applications such as high operating pressures, high temperatures and corrosive fluids and environments. We have considerable experience in handling a wide range of materials, not only stainless steel but hastelloy, incolloy, monel and other exotics as well.

As an independent System Integrator our main activities are the complete design, engineering, procurement, assembly and integration of instrumentation and analyser systems, metering systems, grab sampling systems, calibration and sample recovery systems. 

Our mission statement is to be the leading company in the total delivery of all kinds of sampling solutions. Mechatest as sampling specialist realize technical projects with "best" solution, both in technical and economical terms. Our people are focused to provide high quality products and systems with a utmost high feeling for services and after-sales.

Supported by extensive knowledge, experience and application know-how, we can offer:

  • Guaranties on high availability, sample integrity and repeatability of the systems
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Low costs of ownership

All the systems are designed and manufactured at Mechatest B.V. , supported by the experience and the skills of our engineers and technicians we offer high quality projects which gives you unequalled value for money.

As an independent System Integrator our main activities are:

  • Engineering
  • Project management
  • Design
  • Assembling
  • Testing
  • Installation
  • Start-up
  • Service
  • Revision work

Full responsibility can be placed in the hand of a single supplier. We have acquired broad-based experience in relation to all common process, sample take off and sample condition techniques, lab sampling techniques, analyser & metering houses, grab sampling, of metering systems. Independent system integration meaning the implementation of complete projects in the field of pilot plants, analysers systems and metering systems combined with associated installation, commissioning and start-up activities. Our main markets are the Oil & Gas Industry, typically exploration, transportation, production and manufacturing and the Petrochemical Industry. We serve these industries world-wide following international standards such as: * ISO 3171, IP 6.2, API 8.2 and ASTM D4177 standard for “Sampling liquid hydrocarbons in pipelines”.


Mechatest is committed to providing a safe and healthy workplace and conducting its business activities in a manner that protects the Environment. To achieve these goals, all company locations shall adhere to the following principles:


  • Identification and evaluation of all HSE hazards of aspects and the management of those risks to reduce their impacts to acceptable levels.
  • Compliance with all applicable HSE legislation
  • Prevention of incidents, injuries and pollution
  •  Intolerance of the conditions and behaviors that contribute to incidens and injuries.
  •  Reduction of waste and conservation of resources.
  •  Recording and communicating HSE performance throughout the organization.
  •  Continual improvement of HSE performance.

 The CEO and the workshop manager shall visibly uphold these principles throughout the company and integrate them into the company's HSE Policy and Management System. The Director of the Company shall regulary review HSE performance. Management and supervisory personnel at each division and location shall be responsible for implementing and maintaining the Company's HSE Policy and Management System.


Contractors and Subcontractors shall r in accordance with the Company's HSE Policy and comply with applicable HSE legislation. Regular HSE audits shall be done to determine Conformance to the HSE Management System.


Every employee, whose work may create a significant HSE impact, shall be trained and held accountable for complying with the Company's HSE Policy and related procedures, practices, instructions and rules. Working safely and in an environmentally appropriate manner are conditions of employment. Each employee has a duty to report workplace conditions or practices that pose a safety hazard or threaten the environment and to take reasonable actions to alleviate such risks.


Everyone is responsible for recognizing that by risking incident or injury, they are putting in jeopardy what they value and those they care for.




At Mechatest we believe that HSE culture is a behavior that makes us responsible for each other’s Health, Safety and care for the Environment. We believe that taking care of each other’s Health & Safety is in our own interest, in the interest of our families and in the interest of our clients.


We pride ourselves in being able to come through for our clients, when they need us the most.

This is made possible for us only because of our extremely dedicated and talented workforce, our ‘Human Capital’, our ‘Most Valuable Asset’

Therefore ensuring the safety of our prime asset is of utmost importance to us.



We believe that SAFETY must be cultivated and be an integral part of daily activity in every employee’s job from the highest organizational level downwards. It will be our endeavor to motivate and involve everyone in our organization to continuously strive for excellence in Environment, Health and Safety across Mechatest operations.


To complete the work / project in a safe manner with culture of trust, transparency and fairness.

Achieving Operation Excellence – delivering service in safe, timely and cost effective manner.

Care of each level of employees and become the employer of choice for Saudi talent.




To provide consistent quality products and services that meet or exceed the expectations and needs of our customers and to strive for excellence, through continuous quality improvement.

  • Implement and maintain a Quality Management System in accordance with the requirements of the International Standard.
  • Adhere to established systems and practices in all activities and operations.
  • Further develop the necessary skills and to build an attitude "To Do Things Right at the First Time".
  • Consistently deliver quality products and services by adhering to client/project specifications, international standards, contractual and statutory requirements.
  • Mitigate risks in all scope of work by effective use of control measures and team work.
  • Motivate and train employees to seek continual improvement in all work scope of the organization, in order to maintain market leadership.
  • Effectively address non-conforming work and identify root causes, to device corrective and preventive actions to prevent reoccurrence.

Andre van Roon - CEO/Managing Director Mechatest Sampling Solutions

Much to the satisfaction of our clients we serviced industrial sectors like refining, natural gas, gas-processing, petrochemical, chemical, cole-gasification, plastic, food, paper, water-treatment, and firms of consulting engineers.


Looking forward to working with you!

Kind regards,

Andre van Roon

CEO - Mechatest Sampling Solutions


Andre van Roon certified as "Industrial Sampling Systems Engineer" by Tony Waters

Andre van Roon CEO of Mechatest is one of the few people in the World who is after 36 weeks training program fully certified as an "Industrial Sampling Systems Engineer", stated that ‘Our unique knowledge, expertise, high quality, service and innovation have put our products and solutions at high level all over the World.

Andre van Roon is proud to be certified as "Industrial Sampling Systems Engineer" and thanks Tony Waters for sharing his extended sampling knowledge. 


Mechatest - ISO9001-2015 certificate
Mechatest QMS - ISO9001-2015 Certificate
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Mechatest Betrouwbare Monstername - Ritt
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Customer Quotes

We are proud to have many petrochemical clients who see the profits of our company and high quality of our products.

We working for Petronas, ESSO Exxon Mobil, BP, Shell, Total, Wintershall, NAM, Gasunie, BASF,



On behave of our company I am happy to let you know that we are very satisfied about the way Mechatest are engineering and developing our sampling systems. The sampling systems are very reliable in our chemical production plant.

Looking forward to continuation of our relationship.


Henk Pruim, Senior Purchaser Delamine B.V. - http://www.delamine.com

“Mechatest supplies sampling systems designed to meet the requirements of the customer to full satisfaction. The process of designing a suitable sample system was very constructive and with understanding for the process and analysis goal. Mechatest provided the knowledge and experience that was needed to get the sample system right.”


Jeroen Fijn, Unit Leader Production Chemistry Laboratory Assen

Nederlandse Aardolie Maatschappij B.V. - http://www.nam.nl.com

All sample systems that Mechatest has delivered are good, and the aftersales is also good.


Len van de Watering

Esso Raffinaderij Rotterdam - http://www.exxonmobil.com

We thank you for the sound engineering, fabrication, inspection and order follow up of Sample Stations to be used for the DO Terminal Hejre Crude Stabilization Project.

The engineering and goods supplied did fully meet the Shell Basic requirements and the supplemental DONG Client project requirements.

The engineering and supply was in compliance with the tight project schedule requirements.

We look forward to further future cooperation.


CB&I Nederland B.V.

F.H. Verkade

Principal Mechanical Engineer

Mechanical Engineering Department Oil & Gas.com

Mechatest is one of the major BASF Antwerpen partners involved in designing and building systems for take off lab samples in our plants.

They have done many projects in sampling liquid, liquefied gas or gas streams successfully.

Using different concepts is not an issue.


Karel Joris

BASF Antwerpen