Mechatest advantages

A company with principles

Customer First


Mechatest exists to serve customers, whose demands are the driving forces behind our innovative developments. We continuously create long-term value for customers by being responsive to their needs and requirements. We measure our work against how much value we bring to customers, because we can only succeed through our customers’ success.

Fast Delivery


Based on our supply chain management, a quick delivery time can be realized by our production team. Parts on-stock for assembling liquid bottle samplers, spring return handles, sample coolers, steam sampling panels and other sampling systems.

Our Principles


Since our company was founded, we always keep the principles of "expanding the market by science and technology innovation, gaining market by high quality and occupying market by cooperation" as the core enterprise spirit for enterprise development. We also keep the human-oriented principle and take "providing customers with high quality after-sale service" as its concept of the survival and development.



Our well-equipped facilities and excellent quality control throughout all stages of production enables us to guarantee total customer satisfaction. We win customers’ respect and trust primarily through win-win deals. This includes every effort we make to create value for customers and to improve our capabilities. We value employees' contributions and reward them accordingly.

Quality Assurance


In fact we pride ourselves on the consistency and high quality sampling systems. This is our company soul to make customer received with high quality sampling systems every time. We are an ISO 9001:2015 certified company and have quality control experts who stand in our production lines to monitor all output. Each and every unit that goes out of our factory is quality inspected.

Continuous Improvement


We are dedicated to outputting the premium sampling products and solutions for customers. Continuous improvement is required for us to become better partners for our customers, improve our company and grow as individuals. This process requires that we actively listen and learn in order to improve.
We are the workshop for innovation.

Mechatest Factory

With headquarter in The Netherlands, our R&D and workshop is located in Nootdorp. Our factory covers more than 500 square meters and has about 12 skilled workers, all sampling specialists in this field. We have our own main materials suppliers, all types of machines, testing and inspection instruments. A factory with clean production facility can present you with guaranteed quality.



At Mechatest, customers’ needs are at the center of our advanced development and design process. With extensive knowledge and expertise based on more than 28 years in the field, we continuously looking for unique technologies, sophisticated or circular materials to create best-in-class solutions. Together we can make the circular economy true and we work on the waste free society of the future.