HP LIQUID SAMPLER continuous Needle Purge

Fixed Volume & Needle Purge configuration


Mechatest Bottle Sampler D2 type for high pressure liquid sampling, this fixed volume with continuous needle purge configuration is a combination of two coupled 3-way valves with fixed volume cylinder, liquid bottle sampler and needle purge system. Solution for flush continuous the process needle and protect sample in bottle with inert gas. 


Liquid sampler that can take spot samples in a number of single phase high pressure liquid applications under high pressure.

This typical high pressure “needle” bottle sampler for liquids is closed loop and suitable for emission free sampling of toxic, dangerous or volatile liquids. Modular and with a dozen of interchangeable options.

Highest quality and best economical liquid sampler on the market.

  • Sample volumes 50, 100, 250, 500 and 1000 ml (other on request)
  • Max. Process Pressure 8 barg (116 psig)
  • Max. Vapor Pressure 0.7 barg (10 psig)
  • Safe (sampling) Process Temperature 60°C (140°F), high temperature with sample cooler
  • Available in 316SS, Monel, Hastelloy, Duplex, or chemical resistance plastic TFM or PVC (other on request)
  • Replaceable bottle holder makes the sampler very flexible, possibility to change later from bottle volume
  • Bottle holders for GL32 and GL45 thread bottles with screw cap and septum
  • Bottle adapters also for Dopak bottles and specific client bottles
  • Sampling systems with NACE MR0175 or NACE MR0103 standards for sour liquid (H2S) applications.

Single handle operation with an instrumentation (small volume) 3-way valve, this needle purge sampler enables continious bypass (circulation) of the sample flow and the collection of a representative liquid process sample, typical for applications where bypass sample flow and differential pressure is available, direct mount to the process pipeline or an easily accessible workplace for operation or laboratory personnel. The bypass sampler is the better solution to prevent dead volume of sample, the circulation flow will always take care of a representative sample!


Easy sampling procedure, open sample valve, sample can flow into the sample bottle under system pressure, while air and gasses in the bottle are vented through the vent connection. When the required volume of approx. 80% of the bottle volume is taken, turn off the sample valve, the sampling procedure is completed.


The sample bottle holder consists of a bottle adapter with a process and vent needle, the sample bottle is sealed with cap and septa. This “needle” type bottle sampler is a closed loop system and enable operators to obtain samples of liquids, hazardous or toxic. The spot sample collected in a sample bottle is more safe and easy for transportation to the lab.


Use "spring return handle" on the sample valve to protect personnel and prevent unnecessary sample waste. The spring return handles also known as “deadmans” handles, always "spring" return to closed position when the handle will be released.
  • Most innovative liquid bottle sampler solution on the market
  • Modular and with a dozen of interchangeable options
  • Closed Loop and Emission Free Sampling
  • Safer for the operator and environment, prevent pollution
  • Safer for the sample and safe sample
  • Easy in operation and Low maintenance
  • Option for second bottle retaining clip and use the sampler with two kind of bottle volumes (eg. bottle waste sample)
  • Spring Return Handles available for Swagelok, Fitok and Hoke ball-valves.
  • Options: Spring return handle on sample valve, panel-mounted and protection cabinets with heater, floor-stands, special elastomers on request, all kind of process connections, sample coolers
  • Single phase liquid samples
  • Toxic liquid samples
  • Dangerous liquid samples
  • Volatile liquid samples
  • Mostly refined (commercial) gas oil, diesel oil,fuels, lubricating oil
  • Water / condensate samples (tap, brackish, saline, demi)
  • All samplers can comply with NACE MR-01-75 / MR-01-03 standards, for sour liquid sample applications.
  • Acid samples • Amine samples • Alcohols • Aromatics • Benzene • Bio-fuel • Brine Water • Chemical mixture • Cumene • DCE (DiChloorEthaan) • Glycol • Gasoline • Hydrocarbons • Ketone • Kerosene • Naphtha • Paraffins • Solvents • Toluene • Xylene • etc.
  • Safety sleeve around bottle (SS316 or POM)
  • Spring return handles on valves
  • Safety relief devices for overpressure protection
  • Lockable handles
  • Activated carbon filters on the venting outlet
  • On mounting plate or in protection enclosures
  • Drain or drip trays with flange connections
  • Connection types and sizes
  • Various materials
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