Sample Probes

Sample probes for liquid and gas take-off

Gas sample probe for gas sample take-off

Gas Sample Probe Small bore

Liquid sample probe for liquid sample take-off

Liquid Sample Probes

Isokinetic Steam Sampling Nozzle - steam sample probe

Isokinetic Steam Sampling Nozzle/Probe

Filter probes for liquid or gas sample take-off

Filter Probes

Retractable sample probe liquid or gas samples

Retractable Sample Probe

DBB valve and sample probe

DBB Valve & Probe

High pressure sample probe liquid or gas samples

High Pressure Sample Probe

Flanged sample probe liquid or gas samples

Pipe Sample Probe

DBB Monoflange valve (probe)

Importance of Sample Probes

Mechatest Liquid Sample Probe

Sample probes are very important and mostly an underestimated part of the sampling system.
Why you should use sample probes;

  • Free First Filtration Effect!
  • Faster Response (< Lag Time)
  • Representative Sample, better results!
  • Moisture Filtration (fallback) Principle

Sample Probes Types

Mechatest Liquid Sample Probe with Pre-con system
  • Open Probes
  • Filter Probes
  • Multiport Probes
  • Heated Probes
  • Fallback Probes
  • Small Bore Gas Probes
  • Retractable Sample Probes
  • Isokinetic Steam Probes

Mechatest's Calculating Services;

  • Lag Time
  • Velocity
  • Probe Vibration
  • Moisture Fallback Effect