Sample Probes OR NOZZLES

Sample probes for liquid and gas take-off

Sample probes or nozzles are very important and mostly an underestimated part of the sampling system. Probes are designed for extracting a representative portion of the fluid sample source in the pipeline to the sampling system.


A sample probe nozzles works as a filter, keeping dust, pipe scale and entrained liquid drops out of the extracted fluid sample. A good designed sample probe reduce sample volume, limited sample times, gets better response time, eliminate dead volumes, with extending into the center third of the flowing stream it get better representative sample.

  • Free First Filtration Effect!
  • Faster Response (< Lag Time)
  • Representative Sample, better results!
  • Moisture Filtration (fallback) Principle
  • Sample probes with NACE MR0175 or NACE MR0103 standards for sweet and sour gas and liquid (H2S) applications.

The probe extends into the pipe / pipeline to ensure a representative sample that is free of unwanted contaminants that may have collected on the interior pipe wall. Sample probes could be of fixed or insertable / retractable design. The sample probe must be located at a point in the pipe where the flowing stream is properly conditioned.

  • Open Probes
  • Filter Probes
  • Multiport Probes
  • Heated Probes
  • Fallback Probes
  • Small Bore Gas Probes
  • Retractable Sample Probes
  • Isokinetic Steam Probes
  • Single phase liquid samples
  • Toxic liquid samples
  • Dangerous liquid samples
  • Volatile liquid samples
  • Mostly refined (commercial) gas oil, diesel oil,fuels, lubricating oil
  • Water / condensate samples (tap, brackish, saline, demi)
  • All samplers can comply with NACE MR-01-75 / MR-01-03 standards, for sour liquid sample applications.
  • Acid samples • Amine samples • Alcohols • Aromatics • Benzene • Bio-fuel • Brine Water • Chemical mixture • Cumene • DCE (DiChloorEthaan) • Glycol • Gasoline • Hydrocarbons • Ketone • Kerosene • Naphtha • Paraffins • Solvents • Toluene • Xylene • etc.
  • ASTM D 4057
  • ASTM D1265-05
  • NACE MR0175 or MR0103
Check our list of all specific "sampling" codes & standards. goto codes & standards

Gas sample probe for gas sample take-off

Gas Sample Probe Small bore

Liquid sample probe for liquid sample take-off

Liquid Sample Probes

Isokinetic Steam Sampling Nozzle - steam sample probe

Isokinetic Steam Sampling Nozzle/Probe

Filter probes for liquid or gas sample take-off

Filter Probes

Retractable sample probe liquid or gas samples

Retractable Sample Probe

DBB valve and sample probe

Sampling Nozzle with DB&B Valve & Probe

High pressure sample probe liquid or gas samples

High Pressure Sample Probe

Flanged sample probe liquid or gas samples

Pipe Sample Probe

DBB Monoflange valve (probe)

Dual flow sample probe, pitot probe, sample take-off probe

Dual Flow Probes

Mechatest Liquid Sample Probe with Pre-con system

Mechatest's Calculating Services;

  • Lag Time
  • Velocity
  • Probe Vibration
  • Moisture Fallback Effect