Isokinetic Steam Sampling Nozzle

Isokinetic Sampling Nozzles for Steam

Isokinetic sampling nozzles (probes) for sampling gases and liquids (including steam and water in steam plants). Ideal for saturated steam, superheated steam, and water sampling. Suitable for many applications include oil in water, propant in oil, and sand in oil.


The isokinetic steam sampling nozzle is ideal for sampling saturated steam samples, or rather for determining particle concentrations in superheated steam streams. Taking representative samples from different parts of the steam process line is no easy task. Reduce the margin of error during this process using the system and proper steam nozzle for isokinetic sampling by Mechatest. 

Isokinetic Steam Sampling Nozzle - steam sample probe

Why isokinetic sampling nozzle is important

The correct isokinetic sampling nozzle is important when regarding the nature of the sample you are taking. This may vary from liquids such as saturated steam, as well as particles measurement in (superheated) steam or impurities in hydrocarbon samples.
Isokinetic sampling requires that the velocity of the fluid entering the sample nozzle port(s) is exactly the same as the velocity of the stream being sampled at location of the sampler nozzle.
The nozzle, or probe, is inserted into a section of the pipeline allowing you to measure representative the sample you need. Naturally, you can imagine just how precise this process must be. Slight differences in flow velocity cause the accumulation or dissipation of particles, leading to an inaccurate sample.


  • EPRI Isokinetic Sampling Nozzles (Probes)
  • ASME PTC 19.11 Section 3: Obtaining the Sample (we can make probe vibration calculations and help you select standard or Isokinetic sampling nozzle). The specification requires a "isokinetic sample nozzle" for representative sampling of the specific two-phase saturated steam flow via sample ports drilled in the side of the nozzle facing the steam flow. 
  • Recommended for saturated steam in steam boiler and power plants, for superheated steam (only if particulates are measured), isokinetic sampling is normally not required for water samples.
  • These nozzles meet also the requirements of ASTM Standards D1066 and D3370.


Recruit our help for choosing the correct sampling nozzle

You are looking for accurate testing results. Allow our specialists at Mechatest to help you achieve your goal! They do so, by advising you about the proper isokinetic sampling nozzle for the job. Contact us by calling at +31 (0)15 – 310 51 83.


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EPRI Isokinetic Steam Sample Nozzles - Mechatest
EPRI Isokinetic Steam Sample Nozzles - Mechatest

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