work-shelf for Sample Bottle

Canopy with PL or TL Light

Standpipe 2" Stainless Steel

Brackets for Standpipe 2"

Bottle Holder Drain Funnel

Bottle Holder Cabinet

Protection Case Sample Cylinder


Protection Cover Cabinet Heater

Tie-in Flanges to OD Tube

Gas Bottle Racks Stainless

Custom Calibration Vessels PED

Sample Probes

Label Dispensers

Sample Bottle Labeling

Sample Stamp Push Button

Push buttom for Digital Sample Stamp

Schramm Polyester Cabinets

Mechatest distributor SCHRAMM Polyester Cabinets
Schramm Polyester Cabinets

Mechatest is distributor of Schramm Polyester Protection Boxes and Cabinets.

SCHRAMM produced solutions for Cabinets, Shelters and Heating Systems.

This family company with approx. 100 employees is among the certified suppliers of prestigious international companies from many sectors, e.g. the oil, gas and chemical industry, medical technology and the pharmaceutical sector etc.

This kind of polyester boxes are ideal for protection or climat control of your sampling systems.