Sample Bottle Labeling

Each sample bottle must be provided with an identification label.

The sample collection process should be co-ordinated with the laboratory. Analysts need to know how many samples will be arriving, the approximate time of arrival and the analyses that are to be carried out, so that appropriate quantities of reagent chemicals can be prepared. If sample bottles are provided by the laboratory, this ensures that they are of

adequate volume and have been properly prepared (with added chemical preservatives where necessary).

Sample Bottle Labeling
Sample Bottle Labeling

Sample labeling on sample bottles

Label the container immediately after a sample is obtained. Use waterproof and oil proof ink or a pencil hard enough to dent the tag. Soft pencil and ordinary ink markers are subject to obliteration from moisture, oil smearing, and handling. Include the following information on the label:

  • Date and time (the period elapsed during continuous sampling and the hour and minute of collection for dipper samples)
  • Name of the sampler
  • Name and number and owner of the vessel, car, or container
  • Grade of material
  • Reference symbol or identification number



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