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Mechatest Liquid Sample Station for Hydrocarbon Sampling
Mechatest Typical Sample Station

Leading in Fluid Sampling & Analysis

Mechatest Sampling Solutions has become a leading manufacturer & Worldwide supplier of Liquid & Gas samplers for the petrochemical on & offshore industry, for the power industry we are specialized in Steam & Water Analysis Systems (SWAS) used in steam water cycle.

We are a sampling system factory, we design and fabricate open and closed loop sampling systems for hydrocarbon sampling, chemicals, steam and water sampling

Mechatest has a very long term experience in this kind of fluid sampling systems, also known as spot sampling, lab sampling or grab sampling stations.

It is all about collecting of a sample of liquid or gas direct from a pipeline, tank, stack, steam generator, (waste)water or any other application with the intent of transporting safely the sample to a laboratory for analysis.

  • Reducing costs by process optimization
  • Quality improvement of products by taking representative liquid samples
  • We guarantee to control your quality and preventing production loss
Guide to select best Liquid Sampler by Mechatest

PETRONAS - Mechatest Liquid Sampling systems Type 1A - Petronas RAPID project
PETRONAS Liquid Sampling System

Next Level - 3D Design Implemented

Lower total cost of ownership comes from higher efficiency, our 3D design solutions are quick to deploy, we reduce costs, and get to market faster.


We design according International Codes and Standards and closely with companies like Petronas, ExxonMobil / ESSO, Total, Shell etc. to build systems to suit clients needs.


Water Quality Monitoring Stations

Mechatest helps to improve water quality for Bekaa Valley in Lebanon. Read more >> 

Mechatest company video

Mechatest is pleased to announce that we posted our company video on YouTube.

More then 500 Sampling Systems for PETRONAS!

Mechatest has been awarded a contract for the engineering and productions of 338 pcs. manual sampling systems by Tecnicas for the Petronas RAPID Package 3 project. Read more >>

Petronas RAPID project - Mechatest liquid gas sampling systems

Upstream sampling - Mechatest Sampling Solutions


Midstream sampling - Mechatest Sampling Solutions


Downstream sampling - Mechatest Sampling Solutions


Sample stations for Power industry - Mechatest



The oil and gas industry is fragmented into three major segments upstream, midstream and downstream. 

To fulfill the demand of energy and natural resources in various nations, there would be a need to explore more oil and gas reserve globally. 

Mechatest is highly capable to give the finest solutions and services for the liquid and gas industry.

Closed loop, No waste, No pollution, NO emission









Liquid Grab Sampling Systems

Mechatest Fixed Volume Liquid Grab Sample System
Mechatest Liquid Sample System

The mechatest liquid grab sample systems can take samples of liquids under normal and high pressure or under normal atmospheric circumstances.

The glass bottle needle samplers can be used as closed loop sampler on low process or vapor pressures, non hazardous or toxic, water or viscous solutions. With the "fixed volume" type liquid sampling system you can obtain high pressure liquid samples.

Gas Grab Sampling Systems

Mechatest Liquefied Gas Grab Sample System
Mechatest Gas Sample System

The mechatest gas grab sampling systems can take samples of gasses under process conditions.

The systems with sample cylinders enable operators to obtain samples of gasses with high process pressures, liquefied gasses, hazardous or toxic gasses.

Steam Sample Panels

Mechatest Steam Sample Panel
Mechatest Steam Sample Panel

The standard Mechatest Steam sample panels are pre-assembled sampling solutions for the steam and water sampling, conditioning, and analysis in the power cycle according to ASME PTC 19.11. 

Mostly the steam and water sampling panels are used in combination with water analyser equipment for analysis of Conductivity, pH, dissolved Oxygen, Silica, Sodium etc.

Bottle Grab Sampler Products

Mechatest Liquid Needle Samplers, Grab sample system, ECO Sampler, Govosam
Mechatest Liquid Samplers

Mechatest new Liquid Grab Samplers with Needle Adapter for use with Schott Duran bottles and septum cap. 

This modular design is unique and has a lot of advantages:.

Typical process samplers, sampling into a bottle and directly under process conditions.

The bottles with safety septum style provide closed loop emission free, representative sampling with minimum dead volume. 

Bottle holder designed for "standard" Schott Duran or Dopak bottles with cap and septum in volumes of 2, 10, 50, 100, 250, 500 and 1000 ml.

NeSSI Sampler

Mechatest NeSSI Sample, Liquid Grab Sampler
Mechatest NeSSI Sampler

With great pleasure we like to introduce our new NeSSI Liquid Grab Sampler.

The NeSSI Sampler is specific designed to take liquid samples, manual or automatic, and directly onto the ANSI/ISA 76.00.02 base compliant sampling system substrate or platform.

Flow Thru Sampling Systems

Mechatest Flow Thru Sampling Systems
Mechatest Flow Thru Sampling Systems

The Mechatest flow thru grab sampling systems are compact systems for the extraction of representative samples from pipelines without process interruption.

This in-line system can be direct mounted to the process loop and will extracting representative samples from the process stream, emission free, while providing operator safety. Easy to install and operate, process pressure is used to dispense the sample into the sample bottle.

Sampling Products

Mechatest Sampling Products for grab sampling
Mechatest Sampling Products

Since Mechatest was founded in 1991, we design and manufacture specific products and solutions for the grab sampling market.

Sample coolers

Spring return handles

Valve Mounting kits

Sample probes, Extension spindles, Orifice fittings, Reactor vessels, Sample and calibration vessels, Flanges with tube end connection, Gas bottle connections with filter/restriction

Protection cases for sample cylinders, Etc.

Spring Return Handles

Mechatest Spring Return Handle for grab sample systems Swagelok, Hoke and Fitok valves
Mechatest Spring Return Handle

The Mechatest Spring Return Handle is the most famous and smallest design for Swagelok, Hoke and Fitok instrumentation ball-valves, guarantee failsafe operation for small bore ball-valves.

The Spring return handles protect personnel and environment from unnecessary sample waste. Also known as Spring Return Valve or  as “dead mans” handles.

Sample Cylinder Assemblies

Mechatest Sample Cylinder Assemblies
Mechatest Sample Cylinder Assemblies

Mechatest pre-assembled Grab Sample Cylinder Assemblies.

We can deliver a wide range of sample cylinder (bomb) assemblies from Swagelok, Hoke, Parker, Fitok etc. Sample Cylinder Carrying Handle, Stainless Steel Outage Tube Adapter, different needle valves and quick connectors. We can additional provide laser engraving with sample tag. No. 

Sample Probes

Mechatest Sample Probes, NAM Probes and Steam Isokinetic Sample Probes
Mechatest Sample Probes

Mechatest Custom Sample Probes and Pre-conditiong Systems.

Almost every sample take-off point (sample tap) deserves a sample probe. Mechatest make typical NAM Probes (small bore sample probes for Natural gas), EPRI Isokinetic steam sampling nozzles (probes), probes for “stokes law effect” etc.  

Mechatest is certified to make probe resonance calculations conform EEMUA 138 and IEC/TR 61831.

Sample Coolers

Herpi, Sentry Sample Coolers, Mechatest compact & Flanged Sample Coolers
Mechatest Sample Coolers

Distributor of Herpi and Sentry Steam Sample Coolers. Mechatest compact Sample Coolers for cooling liquid or gas samples in the petrochemical and power industry according to ASME PTC 19.11.

Mechatest manufacture also Flanged Sample Coolers conform custom design, completely stainless steel body and coil or exotic materials such as Duplex, Inconel, Titanium and Hastelloy® for the sample tube available.

our mission

We make sampling systems helping to protect the environment now and for our future generations, together we can make a difference!

analyser system integration

Process analyzer systems should be considered for product quality control when frequent and rapid measurements are required because of fast and substantial variations in process stream quality. Mechatest offer a full design and manufacturing capability for the supply of analyser system racks, cabinet and walk-in shelters. Read more >>

Mechatest Analyser System Integration

supplier of probes, coolers and process analysers

AGT-PSG is the only company worldwide who manufacture the entire range of products for continuous extractive gas analysis in-house. This allows the customer to purchase gas sampling probes, heated sample lines and sample gas coolers from one single source supplier. Scope of applications, Power Plants, Cement Plants, Sewage Treatment Plants, Waste Incineration Plants, Chemistry / Petro- and Chlorine Chemistry, Maritime Industry CEMS measurement / Ship Construction, Steel Industry, Glass Industry, Automotive.  

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