Jacketed Sample Coolers

The jacket sample cooler is a fixed volume sample cylinder in a sample cooler.
 This type of jacket cooler with high pressure fixed volume sample cylinders inside are a perfect solution for high pressure sampling applications.
The sample flows through a fixed volume (400cc) high pressure cylinder which is built inside the samle cooler shell, the cooling water flows through the cooling shell and the heat energy is transferred to the water. Due to the fact that the thermal capacity of water is mostly higher than the thermal capacity of hydrocarbon fluids, the temperature of the sample decreases. This type of jacketed sample cooling can be used very good in spot sampling applications.


Manual sample points needs for safety a temperature below approx. 70°C. When this temperature is different from your process temperature, a sample cooler is sometimes required. By using jacketed sample coolers, we bring down the product temperature and lead it under the optimal conditions to the sample container. We offer a width range of Stainless Steel or Monel jacket sample coolers with different kind of sample volumes.


The high efficiency jacketed sample coolers from Mechatest combined with our expert sampling knowledge and fast distribution, form an excellent combination. 

Mechatest delivers Jacket sample coolers that fits your needs

To cover the difference in cooling requirements in the industry, Mechatest offers a wide variety of jacketed sample coolers. 

  •  Suitable for high pressure sampling applications
  • The ideal sample cooler for cooling your hydrocarbon fluid samples
  • Applications in high pressure and hot hydrocarbon fluid sampling
  • The required materials (stainless steel, Monel and several alloys)
  • Different volumes, depending on sample size and flow rates

Keeping a sample representative is important for analysis. So, choosing the correct sample cooler helps to get reliable results from your analyzers.


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Mechatest jacketed sample cooler with fixed volume cylinder

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