Spring Return Handle VR11.43 (for Swagelok valves)


Mechatest manufacturer of the Spring return handles for Swagelok, Hoke, Fitok and Econosto (ECON) instrumentation and flanged ball valves protect personnels life and environment from unnecessary sample waste.

The spring return handles VR11.43 also known as “deadmans” handles are designed for 3-way Swagelok ball valves, the function in this case is always that the valve is (spring) return to closed position when the handle will be released. For this purpose Mechatest designed two types spring return handles, one with 90° rotation for Swagelok 2-way ball-valves VR11.42 and one with 180° rotation for Swagelok 3-way ball-valves VR11.43. 

We create safety with our spring return Swagelok ball valve solution.

Mechatest delivers the Spring Return Handle VR11.43 for Swagelok valves  that fits your safety needs

To cover the difference in Spring Return Handle VR11.43 requirements in the industry, Mechatest offers a wide variety of Spring Return Handle VR11.43. Based on the type of sampling product and solutions we can offer a Swagelok Spring Return Handle VR11.43 solution to fit the situation. 

  • The ideal Spring Return Handle for hydrocarbon fluid samples
  • The required materials in stainless steel


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Spring Return Handles for Swagelok Valves

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