Closed loop sampling (emission free)

By means of closed loop sampling (emission-free), your company gains the advantage of completely safe and proper samples for testing and lab research of fluid, gas and high-pressure fluids. Mechatest B.V. is a company based in the Netherlands with unmatched experience in designing, engineering, assembling and integrating closed loop (emission-free) sampling equipment since 1991. We provide companies in industrial sectors worldwide with the equipment they need to improve their production efficiency and minimize waste.

The benefits of closed-loop sampling (besides being emission-free)?

Several sampling methods are available for your company. So why choose a closed loop method? And why would you order your sampling equipment at Mechatest? Allow us to elaborate:

  • Closed loop sampling equipment is operator friendly and safe
  • Easy maintenance
  • By using a closed loop (emission-free due to the circumvention of excess gas), sampling waste is minimized
  • You will collect a representative sample, the basis from which you develop a more efficient production process

These are just some of the benefits that Mechatest has to offer. Contact us for more detailed information about the advantages of our systems and services.


Contact us for our expertise, service and high quality

Finding the most effective sampling solution is not easy. Therefore, our specialists are standing by to help you choose the correct closed loop (emission-free) sampling equipment. Contact us by calling at +31 (0)15 – 310 51 83.


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