Sampling Products

Mechatest Grab Sample Products
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LIQUID SamplING 2-10 ml

The GOVOSAM sampler from Mechatest is simply the smallest and best solution to take samples specific for laboratory and chromatography applications.

This unique sampler have a reputation for reliable service and provides accurate samples of many solvents. 

The GOVOSAM is a typical manual sampler and works with a needle in needle assembly that ensures septum integrity and full venting of the vapour.

Brochure Mechatest Govosam Liquid Sampler
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ECO Sampler

LIQUID SamplING 25-1000 ml

Liquid Samplers ECO® for use with Schott Duran bottles with cap and septa. This economical and modular design is unique and has a lot of advantages.

Closed Loop and Emission Free Sampling.

Body (standard SS316 wetted parts) also available in a width range of exotic materials.

Bottle holders are designed for "standard" Schott Duran bottles or Dopak bottles.

Brochure Mechatest ECO Sampler
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NeSSi Sampler

LIQUID SamplING 25-1000 ml

The NeSSI Sampler is specific designed to take liquid samples, manual or automatic, and directly onto the ANSI/ISA 76.00.02 base compliant sampling system substrate or platform.

It features a NeSSI body three port configuration with sample inlet, bypass and vent connection, modular surface design to provide on the top any valve control device and on the bottom the Mechatest “needle sampler” both connections also based on the ANSI/ISA 76.00.02 – 38.2 mm (1.5 in.) small footprint.

Brochure Mechatest NeSSI Liquid Sampler
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Flow Thru Liquid Sampler

LIQUID SamplING 25-1000 ml

Mechatest Flow Thru Liquid Sampler

The flow thru sampling system consists of a full flow process diameter sample valve that allows for continuous flow through a pipe line.

The rising stem sample valve allows the operator to control the flow of the sample being dispensed into the sample bottle. This system can be used for medium pressures, temperatures and high viscous fluids where a continuous flow loop is needed.

The flow thru sampler can be used in a lot of applications but mostly direct mounted into piping systems, this type of sampler is the better solution for loading arm sampling.

Piston Valve Liquid Sampler

LIQUID SamplING 25-1000 ml

Piston valve liquid sampler Strahman Mechatest

The Mechatest piston valves are a perfect solution for liquid sampling from tanks, containers, pipeline, reactors and mixers.

To take samples the conventional way is not only inefficient, but in the case of dangerous media, humans and the environment are subjected to high safety risks, the Mechatest piston valve liquid samplers are the safe and efficient solution for storage tank sampling. 


To take representative samples of liquids with higher viscosity by using a piston valve. Sample dosing and filling of the sample bottle is made possible and regulated with a crank or hand wheel.

Liquid Sample Receiver Types

The Sample containers come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials. Select the proper container based on the product to be sampled to ensure that there will be no interaction between the product sampled and the container that would affect the integrity of either. The sample receiver should be designed to facilitate the homogenisation of the sample in the laboratory so that a representative sub-sample may be drawn from it. All volatile samples of petroleum and petroleum products shall be protected from evaporation.

Suitable for samples with;

  • Process pressure < 8 barg
  • Vapor pressure < 0.7 barg
  • High pressure application > 8 barg suitable with Fixed Volume Sampler Type.

  • Materials: Glass (clear, amber, cobalt blue or vinyl coated), PTFE, PFA, Polypropylene, LDPE, Aluminium, Stainless Steel
  • Bottle types: Schott Duran with GL32 and GL45 thread, Dopak, ExxonMobil (other client bottles on request)
  • Bottle Volumes: 2 mL, 10 mL, 25 mL, 50 mL, 100 mL, 250 mL, 500 mL, 1000 mL (other volumes on request)
  • Hot or Cold samples can be collected in insulated bottles.
  • All these bottle types are with screw cap and septa.

Glass bottles are suitable for low pressure sample test and storage requirements. Clear glass bottles can be easily examined visually for cleanliness, and allow for visual inspection of the sample for haze (cloudiness), discoloration, free water, and solid impurities. Glass bottles are used for the collection acids, caustic products, hydrocarbons, aromatics and water. The amber (brown) glass bottle affords some protection to the samples when light may affect the test results.


Plastic Bottles in general are made of suitable material may be used for the handling and storage of caustic products, diesel oil, fuel oil, lubricating oil and water.

Plastic bottles should not be used for gasoline, aviation jet fuel, kerosene, crude oil, white spirit, medicinal white oil, or other petroleum products unless testing indicates there is no problem with solubility, contamination, or loss of light components. In no circumstances shall nonlinear (conventional) polyethylene containers be used to store samples of liquid hydrocarbons. When sampling from a flowing pipeline, electrical continuity between the pipeline and the sample container via the connecting pipework can occur. Do not use plastic containers since they are non-conductive and will not dissipate static electricity.

Liquid Sample Bottle Receiver types - Mechatest