Spot sampling

Spot sampling is an important first step for determining the reliability and efficiency of your system, as well as the composition of a liquid or gas at a given time, at a specific point in the production process. A spot sampling system designed by the Mechatest engineers provides you with a sampling solution specifically tailored to your process requirements.

The problem with spot sampling of gas or liquefied gas

Spot sampling is one of the most common sampling techniques. The challenge with the spot sampling of gas is to prevent changes to the composition of the sample. A sample that reaches the lab, needs to represent the exact composition of the product at the sample tap.


The solution by Mechatest

Due to the volatility of gases, Mechatest offers solutions that keep the conditions in the sample container equal to those in the pipeline. This greatly increases accuracy and guarantees representative results. The data you acquire from these tests helps to optimize your production process, decrease costs and maximize efficiency.


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