Slurry sampling

Slurry sampling is common type of fluid sampling in the petrochemical and waste water industry. The design of a slurry sampler has a little different approach, selecting and using the right type of valves who cannot become clogged is the most important design challange. Proper fluid sampling prevents unexpected downtime, extends equipment lifecycles and improves the overall quality of the product. But how do you go about taking a representative and contamination free slurry samples? 

Fluid sampling all over the world

Mechatest has the equipment, experience and know-how to provide customers with everything needed for proper fluid sampling. Services and equipment that we supply customers all over the world with, might we add.


5 reasons for choosing fluid sampling by Mechatest

You know that fluid sampling is essential for your organization. So, why would you choose a company that is half a world away? We will explain based on five key points:

·        Environmental regulations: lots of industries (chemical, petrochemical, coal-gasification etc.) are subject to strict environmental regulations which require them to analyze and reduce pollution of soil, water and air.  Closed loop sampling helps to reduce spillage and meet these regulations.

·        Representative samples: due to the expert engineering of our equipment, samples are a 100% representation of the entire batch.

·        Operator safety: Mechatest equipment is easy to operate and guaranteed safe to use. The operator is never exposed to hazardous volatile emissions.

·        Minimize waste: our equipment allows you to take a sample in the dosage you need, rather than having to dispose of the excess fluid.

·        Minimize costs: efficient designs reduce process costs.


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Choosing specialized equipment is never easy. Therefore, contact Mechatest by calling at +31 (0)15 – 310 51 83 for more detailed information about our sampling solutions. 


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