Sampling of gas

The sampling of natural gas is highly important for several reasons. Higher revenue for your company is the most important one. The key factor in natural gas sampling is taking a representative sample. Mechatest provides you with custom build solutions which allow for faster, easier and, most importantly, 100% representative sampling of natural gas. 

4 reasons why sampling of natural gas is indispensable to your company

Natural gas is usually a mixture of gases when it is still in the pipeline. Ethane, butane, methane to name a few. In order to sell natural gas, sampling is needed to measure the amount of each gas in the system. A representative sample is mandatory. The word representative in this context means a duplicate of gas that flows through your pipeline. The results of natural gas sampling are highly important regarding the:

  • Test results that allow for adjustments in your production process.  
  • Emission reduction to the environment
  • Sales contracts with your clients
  • Taking your production process to the next level

We will be happy to provide you with more detailed information about our custom-made sampling solutions.


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Mechatest has been in the business of sampling solutions since 1991. This experience is evident from the expertise and know-how of our personnel. If you wish to know more about the technical specifications of our various solutions, or our custom-made solutions, please inquire by calling us at +31 (0)15 – 310 51 83. We are happy to provide you with an accurate quotation once we have mapped out your needs and requirements. 


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