Sample Cylinder JACKET Heat exchange


Sample Cylinder Heat Exchange Jacket.


The heat exchange jacket design concerns a removable jacket which encases a spun (domed) end-cap sample cylinder. Heat exchanging fluid (cooling liquid or steam) can be flows through the annulus formed between the shell of the jacket and the external surface of the sample cylinder.
The jacket therefore allows direct contact between the heat exchanging fluid and the wall of the sample cylinder. The jacketed design does not restrict access to the top-and bottom entry ports of the sample cylinder.

Sample Cylinder Heat Exchange Jacket



Cylinder heat exchanger with jacketed design, for cooling down process samples or heating up of process samples. This cylinder jacket can be used on manual sample stations in the field as fixed installation or portable on laboratory scale for preparation of the process samples for analysis. 

Because of the fast installation this cylinder jacket can be used in the laboratory for heating up or cooling down the sample temperature for best practice.


The design allows the following benefits:

  • Rapid heat transfer
  • Inhibits the formation of temperature gradients within the shell
  • No need for alteration of the sample cylinder to allow fitment of the jacket
  • Removal of the jacket
  • Easy and fast installation


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