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Mechatest delivers operator safety and friendly Propane sampling systems that allows for sampling in a safe and controlled environment. To take under high pressure Propane samples the conventional way is not only inefficient, but in the case of this dangerous media, humans and the environment are subjected to high safety risks, the Mechatest Propane samplers are the safe and efficient solution for Propane sampling under high process pipeline pressure and temperature. The Mechatest Propane sampling systems are based on gas cylinder sampling principle, a perfect solution for Propane sampling from tanks, containers, pipeline and reactors, to take representative samples of Propane gas in high pressure applications. 

The problem with Propane sampling is that it wants to change state if the pressure varies. This requires a sample system and a sample cylinder with a safe outage tube. 


Propane is bought and stored in a liquid form (LPG), and thus fuel energy can be stored in a relatively small space. Compressed natural gas (CNG), largely methane, is another gas used as fuel, but it cannot be liquefied by compression at normal temperatures, as these are well above its critical temperature. Propane is a by-product of natural gas processing and petroleum refining, it is commonly used as a fuel. Propane is one of a group of liquefied petroleum gases (LP gases). The others include butane, propylene, butadiene, butylene, isobutylene, and mixtures thereof.

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Propane is a three-carbon alkane with the molecular formula C3H8. It is a gas at standard temperature and pressure, but compressible to a transportable liquid. 

  • Main hazards: Flammable, Explosive
  • Phase: Gas (Liquid under pressure)
  • Density: 2.0098 (0 °C) kg/m3
  • Vapor pressure: 8.53 bar (21 °C) 
  • Boiling Point: -42 °C
  • Explosive limits: 2.4 – 9.5 %

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Sampling of Propane Gas in Sample Cylinder

The big advantage of the Propane sampling system is the possibility to take Propane gas sample under (high) process pressure and fill it into a sample cylinder, the sample is directly take from a tank, container, pipeline, reactors or mixer. We have improved our sampling systems for gas by:

  • Creating closed loop systems emission free which provide a safe, controlled environment
  • Suitable for high pressure process application
  • Simplifying designs, making the sampling of liquid and gas more efficient
  • Proper discharge of excess liquid or gas prevents unwanted pressure build-up in the system

These modern solutions simply regard the sampling systems themselves. Our worldwide reputation rests on the combination of excellent systems, and professional services by our team of specialists.


We design and manufacture an LPG sampling system according to your requirements

We know how important representative LPG sampling is in the petrochemical industry. Therefore, each system can be tailored specifically to your needs and requirements. Inquire about the possibilities by calling at +31 (0)15 – 310 51 83.


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