NeSSI Sampler

Volumes 50 - 1000 ml

SP76 Modular Substrate Liquid Sampler Housings.

The Mechatest NeSSI Liquid Sampler is designed to take liquid samples, manual or automatic, directly onto the 

Modular Substrate NeSSi - ANSI/ISA 76.00.02 base compliant substrate or platform.


NeSSI the New Sampling Sensor Initiatives is the state-of-the-art and next-generation modular sampling system designs for process analytical applications. The miniaturization result in maintaining productivity and quality while achieving drastic reductions in resource and waste generation.


The Mechatest NeSSI sampler features a body with three port configuration. We designed two versions; Version 1 provide sample inlet, bypass and vent connection and version 2 is more regular

for straight line flow thru for sample inlet/outlet and a vent connection in the middle.

On the bottom you place the Mechatest modular “needle sampler”.

On the top you can place any valve control device, both connections also based on the ANSI/ISA 76.00.02 – 38.2 mm small footprint.

Mechatest ECO Liquid Sampler Products
Mechatest ECO Sampler Products

The modular design in combination with our ECO sampler parts has a lot of advantages, can be used with independent sample and vent suitable on all kind of liquid sampling applications.


The Mechatest Sampling Systems are widely used and accepted among the leaders in the chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical and energy industries.



  • SP76 Modular Substrate Liquid Sampler Housings
  • Closed Loop and Emission Free Sampling
  • Safer for the operator and environment
  • Safer for the sample
  • Easy in operation and Low maintenance
  • Spring Return Handles available for Swagelok, Parker and Hoke valves.
  • Option for second bottle retaining clip and use the sampler with two kind of bottle volumes (eg. bottle waste sample).




NeSSI (New Sampling/Sensor Initiative) is a global initiative intended to simplify the assembly and reduce the overall costs connected with the design, engineering, installing, and servicing of process analytical systems.


Sponsored by the Center for Process Analytical Technology (CPAC) at the University of Washington. NeSSi promotes the acceptance and implementation of modular, miniature sample system technology and components using the mechanical design based on the ANSI/ISA SP76.00.02-2002 standard.


Mechatest offers liquid samplers housings conform to SP76 standards. All our housings are designed to have a minimal internal volume to increase the response time and minimize lag time.

Mechatest Liquid Sampling Solution for NeSSI system

Key Features

  • Body (standard 316 SS wetted parts) also available in exotic materials.
  • Replaceable Needle assemblies for Process and Vent needle, independent to choose in smaller or larger sizes. Needles made of small bore full hard temper tubing SS316, standard with very sharp Lancet style pointer, automated machined for long lifetime.
  • Replaceable seats for the needles and in a width range of materials available.
  • Replaceable bottle holder makes the sampler very flexible, possibility to change later from bottle volume.
  • Bottle holders are designed for Schott Duran bottles with screw cap and septum in volumes of (25) 50, 100, 250, 500, (750) and 1000 ml.
  • Bottle adapters also for Dopak bottles.


Mechatest NeSSI Liquid Sampler
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Mechatest Grab Sample Products
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