Gas sampling system

Two characteristics define a gas sampling system. First of all, most (natural) gases, which are sampled directly from the pipeline, usually consist of a blend of various gases. This means that sampling systems need to be able to contain these various gases. Secondly, sampling systems for gas need to take the difference in pressure into account. Without a proper vent, the difference in pressure can tear vital parts of the system.

5 reasons for choosing a gas sampling system by Mechatest

Effective sampling requires certain features in sampling systems for gas. At Mechatest, constant innovation has led to the development of a gas sampling system that sports all these features:

  • Representative samples due to the continuous flow of product
  • An ergonomic design reduces the strain on the operator’s wrist
  • A design that allows for quick release and replacement of a sample
  • Self-sealing prevents leakage (emission-free)
  • Different configurations are possible, making the system suitable for sampling all sorts of gas

As with all our systems, the sampling system for gas is easy to clean and the process needle can be cleaned or replaced easily as well.


Ensure minimal loss and maximum operator safety

Naturally, the primary goal of sampling systems for gas is to acquire a proper sample. However, this should never go at the cost of the safety of the operator, or the environment. Luckily, you do not have to choose between representative samples and safety measures at Mechatest. Each system is purged after each sample, ensuring maximum operator safety and minimal loss of sample. Inquire about the possibilities now by calling at +31 (0)15 – 310 51 83.

Typical Gas Sampling System - Mechatest
Typical Gas Sampling System
Typical Gas Sampler - Mechatest

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