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Analyser solutions for liquid & gas measurements

Mechatest, is a leading ISO9001:2015 certified manufacturer and worldwide supplier of liquid and gas analyser systems for the petrochemical, chemical, oil & gas, pharmaceuticals and power industry. 


Analyser (systems) can improve product quality, increase the yields of products with higher economic value, increase product throughput and output and reduce energy costs.

Process analyzer systems should be considered for product quality control when frequent and rapid measurements are required because of fast and substantial variations in process stream quality.   

Mechatest Liquid and Gas Analyser System Solutions

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  • Continuous analysis online 24/7
  • Quality control, reducing costs by process optimization
  • Taking representative samples and get better results
  • Preventing production loss
  • Zero emission, safe for your health & environment
  • No pollution, prevent emission damage claims
  • Mechatest is a certified expert in sample conditioning systems and analysis
  • Your complete solution from sample tap to analyser from one source

Today, environmental standards are becoming more stringent. Process analyzers are used to detect hazardous plant conditions and for monitoring government-mandated requirements concerning pollutants in ambient air, stack emissions, and effluent streams. 

A process analyser system usually requires a sample conditioning system, a process analyser, and data output devices. Properly designed systems also require overall considerations as to the sample take-off probe, sample line, calibration facilities, utilities, sample disposal, safety and manual lab sample points. Process analyser systems can provide a significant economic return when incorporated into process optimization or when used for product quality control. Analyzers systems are today also frequently used for monitoring pollutants and stack emissions. Mechatest concern about the complete design, engineering, procurement and assembly of the main components of the system:

  • Sample take-off probe
  • Sample transport line
  • Sample Pre-conditioning system
  • Sample Conditioning system
  • Sample stream switching
  • Analyser
  • Calibration system
  • Sample recovery system
  • Lab sampling point

The complete system is used to extract a representative sample from the process stream and deliver it (still representative) to the analyser at the required analyser inlet conditions with minimum time-lag, while avoiding excessive sample consumption. This simple sounding task is however complicated by the fact that every component in the chain can be a cause of error. Major causes of error are caused by design faults like "cold spots", "dead ends", "hold ups' etc.

  • Closed Loop and Emission Free Sampling
  • Safer for the operator and environment, prevent pollution
  • Safer for the sample and safe sample
  • Easy in operation and Low maintenance

Applications will found in the Petrochemical and Chemical industry, products to be sampled are;

  • ASTM D 4057
  • ASTM D1265-05
  • NACE MR0175 or MR0103
Check our list of all specific "sampling" codes & standards. goto codes & standards
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